Creating Ideas. Designing Dreams.
Creating Ideas. Designing Dreams.
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Our Story


the fusion of multiple whorls of a flower


Some time ago two close friends needed a logo, a video, and a flyer for an upcoming business project they were planning to launch. After scouring the internet and local listings with little avail they eventually found three separate freelancers to complete the tasks. Unfortunately, the logo did not correspond with the video style and the flyer design was far from what they intended. The time and energy wasted in searching for quality talent could have been spent on the success of their business. There had to be a better way they thought.

After searching with no luck and finding nothing but more freelancers focusing on their own individual creative styles, they realized the problem here was among the freelancers there was no cohesive unity in terms of creativity. If there was a need for multiple services that were under one creative brain there was no solution. They then decided to create the solution themselves. A digital agency. AdNation was then born.

The essential idea of the agency was the unification of various digital areas or as we like to call them “whorls of one big flower” These areas would include:

1. Graphics & Design
2. Writing & Translation 
3. Video & Animation
4. Music & Audio

These "whorls" would adnate or fuse together to be the one-stop-shop destination that would satisfy all your digital needs without any hassle.

This combined solution became known as the Advertising Nation or simply AdNation.